Performing Chemical Synthesis and Analysis at Clients' Laboratories

  • provide on-site chemistry synthesis and analysis expertise at clients' laboratory settings on a contract basis

  • perform research tasks at client's labs part-time or full-time for a contracted period

Providing Science Assistance for Attorneys Handling Drug Cases

  • conduct full review and expert critique of chemical analyses previously performed by forensic laboratories on alleged drug and precursor samples 

  • provide experienced evaluation of the following types of chemical evidence in drug cases: methamphetamine; ephedrine and pseudoephedrine; cathinones such as MDPV (sometimes referred to as “bath salts”); amphetamine; MDMA (ecstasy); LSD; heroin; morphine; barbiturates; cocaine; crack cocaine; synthetic cannabinoids; and precursor chemicals

  • define areas where false positives and analytical errors may have occurred in a client's case

  • evaluate drug detection analysis techniques to discover where cross-contamination of drug sample evidence in a client’s case by evidence from other ongoing cases could have occurred

  • assess "chain of possession" errors in drug cases

  • check if chemical analyses were performed on all relevant evidence samples in a case; if no chemical analysis was performed on an evidence sample then there can be no chemical proof asserted that the evidence sample comprised an alleged substance

  • produce complete written summary of case findings to clients and attorneys if requested

  • testify in state or federal court regarding analytical errors and faulty assumptions made by forensic chemists during their chemical analyses of evidence samples

Chemistry Evaluation in Patent Litigation Cases

  • provide expert chemistry review of patents in suit to define limits of  patent claims based upon science disclosed and wording use

  • advise attorneys where the areas of strength or weakness arise in relevant chemistry patents

  • testify in course or provide depositional evidence when needed

Patents, Patent Drafting, and Responses to Office Actions

  • draft chemistry patent applications on a contract basis

  • assist clients in the review of Office Action rejections and provide sound, science-based rebuttal in written responses

Chemistry Expert Witness for Legal Cases in North Carolina


Many legal cases use expert witnesses to explain specialized topics to a judge or jury. As a chemistry expert witness, Dr. Edward G. Brown has been assisting in legal cases for over 25 years, including 20 years in North Carolina.

Our Services


A chemistry legal witness like Dr. Brown can advise defense attorneys who are handling drug cases or DWI cases. He can help them determine if the lab work for the case was done correctly, if there were false positives or false negatives present, and what the analytical evidence means in their case. He can also consult on other types of legal cases, such as patent cases that involve chemistry issues.

You can review a full list of the services Dr. Brown provides for legal cases below. You can also review some of Dr. Brown’s relevant research by browsing through these publications and presentations.

To get in contact with Dr. Brown, please visit the contact page. You can send an email or leave a voice message detailing your needs, and he will respond promptly. Let Dr. Brown help you prepare the best legal case possible.